What is Customized Portable Charger and who needs it?

What is Customized Portable Charger and who needs it?

 First of all, Portable charger as name suggests it’s portable, you can carry from one place to another, it is very useful, when you don’t have a wall outlet for charging or power goes out.  Customized power chargers are the one where you can print your company logo or promotional text for advertising. So that way it will sere two purpose, it will help the customer on go and will promote your company name.

  Is power Bank and Portable Charger same?

Yes, both are same. Names can be interchanged.  Both serves the same purpose of charging our life line that is phone, laptop.

 How to use Portable Charger or Power Bank?

First you have to plug in the power bank in the wall outlet to charge it. When it is fully charged the light on the charger will go green, if it has one. Unplug the charger from the bank. Then you can use it to charge your phone or laptop. It might take 4-6 hrs to charge the power bank fully depending on the power bank capacity.

 Should you use Portable Charger for your promotion or not?

Yes, it is most effective way to promote your business, as it gives large imprint area to print the logo and customize it. Also now there is hybrid work culture, so these portable chargers are used to charge laptop , tablet too. In airports, hotels you don’t have to look for outlet, you can simply use the portable charger for charging.

  Charger come in different and beautiful shapes and sizes.


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