How to Clean Mouse Pad

Types of Mouse Pads

Mouse PadMouse Pad

 There is soft and Hard mouse pad.

Both hard and soft mouse pads are good, it depends on the purpose you are using it for.

   While Hard mouse pads are good for games, it gives greater tracking performance and aiming precision for the gaming, which gaming needs. Hard mouse pads have Rubber base which keeps the pad in place during intense gaming action.

  There are mouse pads made up of Aluminum Alloy, which are easier to clean, easy to use and because it is made up of aluminum it is water resistant and remain dry and does not breed bacteria and remains germ free.

Soft mouse pads have a rubber backing. Those are more flexible. Rubber non-slide bottom surface keeps mouse pad in place.

 There are various ways to clean for mouse pad, depending on the material used for making mouse pad. For Hard mouse pad you can just wipe it with damp cloth and cleaner.  It will remove most of the dirt and stickiness if there is any. Dry it with clean, soft cloth. If the backing is made up of cloth, then let it dry for few hours.

How to Clean a Fabric Mouse pad

1)Fill bucket, tub or sink with enough warm water so that mouse pad gets fully submerged, add some dish soap or hand soap and mix it. Hand soap is softer and acts softly on the fabric. Dish shop can be better to remove the oil build up and doesn’t harm the mouse pad.

2)Submerged mouse pad fully in the warm soapy water. Scrub it with the soft brush to remove the stain or oil, soft brush won’t damage the mouse pad. If stain or oil grease is still there, repeat the process.

3) Rinse it with water to remove the soap thoroughly. Wipe it with clean cloth. Air Dry till it fully dries. It might take some time. If you are in hurry, dry it with hair dryer on low heat in a way that it doesn’t damage the mouse pad.

 How to clean and organize desk

How to Oragnize Desk

Organized Desk

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash 

People spend around half of the day behind the desk. They do important stuff sitting at desk, weather it is at the workplace or at the home office. if desk is cluttered. It would take longer than usual time to finish the chore, as important things might get lost. Work can be done more efficiently if desk is clear. We eat, drink at the desk. Food might get dropped on the desk, keyboard, which can be the ground to breed bacteria.

To work more efficiently assign space for everything, so next time It’s easier to find. If desk has drawers, use it for organizing, like one drawer can be used for just folders and folder organizer can be used for that. Other drawer can be used for all your cables/wires and so on. All cleaning stuff like microfiber cloth, spray etc. Keep it together. Label all the drawers.

    To organize the desk, you can keep pen stand to keep all the stationary like pens, pencils, highlighters, rulers at one place, which can give neat and clean look to your desk.

 Use drawers to keep extra things which are not needed every day. To save some space on the desk, monitor stand can be used. If table is small, keyboard tray can be used to keep the keyboard.

 To keep the notes, you can use the sticky notes. Which can be handy to use and helps you remembering the stuff.

  Keep the plants to get the fresh air.

  Clear all unnecessary things and trash it.

 You can clean keyboard by turning it upside down to remove dirt or any food items. You can use gel which is found on amazon to clean the dust between the keyboard.

 Monitor can be cleaned with microfiber cloth, that cloth is smooth and will not damage monitor screen.

   There are many things on the desk, which needs to be cleaned.

Why you need a Mouse Pad?

A mouse pad improves the mouse experience compared to using the mouse directly on the table. This is achieved by providing a surface on which motion can be measured accurately and without jitter. Some mouse pads improve ergonomics by offering a padded palm rest, but the benefits of this are debatable.

   Mouse pads are very useful. Those are also very highly used when using computer and there is high probability to get it dirty. We eat, drink near computer and there are high chances of mouse pad getting dirty. It might affect movement of mouse.


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